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NOT GUILTY Verdict in Sheffield Murder Trial

Ben Jones, Director, represented F who was charged with a murder along with his brother and another. F vehemently denied the allegations and a trial was listed.


The evidence on CCTV showed 3 men leaving an area close to the Defendants flat, and travelling to the home address of the deceased. It was alleged the men broke into his home and tortured him to death. A short time later the same 3 men could be seen to return to the area of their flat. Further evidence showed that F was not using his mobile phone or social media at the time the men could be seen on the CCTV- whilst he was using it before and after. Also, blood of the deceased was found in mixed DNA profiles in the flat he owned and resided in.


We quickly set about dismantling the limbs of the prosecution evidence and utilised experts in the field of DNA, CCTV imagery and also a computer and telephonic expert. Large chunks of the prosecutions case were eroded and the expert evidence upon which the Crown relied was strongly rebutted.

Armed with compelling defence material we were able to cross examine the prosecution witnesses and discount  a number of their assumptions. The vital telephone evidence was turned in our favour after the police witness and expert accepted that their charts were unreliable and misleading.


Our Defendant gave evidence and presented an alibi, stating he was not one of the men captured on CCTV.


The jury returned with not guilty verdicts for our client and the other two defendants were found guilty and received life sentences with recommendations of 30 and 27 years before they are considered for parole.


Siobhan Grey QC and Alphege Bell of Carmelite Chambers were instructed in this case.


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Case represented by Ben Jones, Opus Law.

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