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In December 2016 G was arrested for the Attempted Murder of his wife, he was charged and subsequently pleaded Guilty at the first opportunity.


G had been a Royal Ghurkha serving in the British Army for 18 years. He had had a problematic marriage culminating in his wife having an affair. They have two children aged 8 and 9 years. In a momentary loss of control he attacked his wife with a Kukri (a symbol of pride for the Gurkha soldier) causing serious life threatening Injuries.


Following his Guilty plea the prosecution brought further serious charges of historical rapes, threats to kill, assault and of demonstrating controlling behaviour. The charges were vehemently denied. A trial was set.


Philip Priestley and Counsel Gerard Hillman of Carmelite Chambers worked incredibly hard on this case,  in what was going to be an uphill battle, based on the fact that the Jury would be aware of his Guilty plea to another linked serious offence. Inevitably the Prosecution would rely heavily upon this fact.


The defendant, who was previously of impeccable good character, was fully supported by his family and ex Ghurkha colleagues with ranks ranging from Private to Brigadier.


During the trial it was exposed that the complainant had previously lied to the authorities to gain entry to the UK, by alleging similar offences had been committed by the Nepalese police, using a false date of birth, and changing her marital status. It was these lies which led the Jury to reach Unanimous not guilty verdicts after only 90 minutes of deliberations.


G now awaits sentence.

Case represented by Phillip Priestley, Opus Law.

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