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Soldiers and Tanks
Opus Law Represents K in Terrorism Funding Case

Ben Jones, Director, acted for K in a difficult and sensitive case before the Sheffield Crown Court.


K was a young man who befriending a new social circle at a local mosque.  He briefly flirted with jihadi ideologies before denouncing them himself as being totally against his personal religious beliefs. In that very short space of time he sent two very modest sums of money to his co-accused’s brother, who was said to be fighting in Syria.


The draconian drafting of the new terror laws, along with a ruling from the Supreme Court on the question of what constituted funding and a persons required knowledge of such, meant our client had to plead guilty and a powerful mitigation was put together for sentence. Various character witnesses were seen and statements provided.  


Nicholas Johnson QC (Exchange Chambers) and Ray Singh (Petherbridge Bassra) were instructed.


Case represented by Ben Jones, Opus Law.

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