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Not Guilty verdict
NOT GUILTY. Glorious Acquittal in Teesside Case

S was charged with numerous co-defendants in Operation Bamburgh. This was a large scale investigation, so large it was spread across various indictments and trials, which charged our client with allegations of Conspiracy to Defraud.


Ben Jones, Partner, was instructed by S to defend allegations that he had defrauded both mortgage lenders and buy and lease back vendors of property, of mortgage advances. Those allegations were vehemently denied. Vast amounts of time were spent with the client trawling through over 25,000 pages of evidence to prove his innocence and to rebut the allegations of the making of false mortgage applications, false representations to the vendors and making or facilitating false Land Registry records.


After many months of preparation, and the presentation of our detailed Defence Case Statement, the prosecution offered no evidence against our client. Formal not guilty verdicts were therefore recorded.


Mark Harries of Carmelite Chambers was instructed as counsel for S.



Case represented by Ben Jones, Opus Law.

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