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Just Eat Accounts Spear Kebab Shop Owner in Tax Evasion Case

Ben Jones and Mohammed Asif represented T before the Liverpool Crown Court. The Defendant was charged with serious offences relating to undeclared income from his kebab shop based in Warrington. HMRC had managed to obtain his account records with Just Eat, the takeaway ordering website. Those records showed a large amount of undeclared income and led to the case being brought to court.


Many takeaway owners are unaware that the small print in a Just Eat contract sets out that they will provide accounting records to HMRC, and in this instance that led to major problems for our client.


The prosecution charged T with allegations that amounted to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our expertise allowed us to assess this figure to be grossly inflated, and we therefore instructed Forths Forensic Accountants to interrogate the figures.


This exercise led to the figures being greatly slashed and our clients sentence was therefore substantially reduced.


Read more about the case below.



Case represented by Ben Jones and Mohammad Asif, Opus Law.

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