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Scales of Justice
Opus Law Cement Their Role as Confiscation Experts

Mohammad Asif has undertaken a number of recent difficult and complex Proceeds of Crime Act confiscation cases and cemented his role as a market leader in this field. An example of two cases can be seen below.


R v A –  A was charged with a Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs along with 6 others. A received a sentence of 4 years’ imprisonment following an early guilty plea. The prosecution proceeded to confiscation proceedings and alleged a benefit figure in excess of £1 million. Mohammad Asif  successfully argued that the benefit figure should be reduced to £9,500 to reflect the role played by A despite the existence of contradictory case law. The available amount was set at nil.


R v A – Mohammad Asif represents A in Confiscation Proceedings. The prosecution alleged hidden assets and a total available amount of £9.7 million. Asif successfully argued the assertion of hidden assets and also reduced the drugs valuation from £5.7 million to £1 million with the assistance of a drugs expert. Asif successfully argued that the defendant did not own property in the UAE valued at £500,000 and managed to exclude several large money transfers from the Confiscation case. A felt he would have received a default sentence of 10 years if it had not been for the work of Asif.



Case represented by Mohammad Asif, Opus Law.

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