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Legs of a Criminal
P Avoids Jail in Kidnapping Plot Case

Ben Jones, Director, represented P in this complex and novel case before the Preston Crown Court.


P was charged with an offence of kidnapping along with 6 co-accused who all elected to stand trial. The case allegedly involved the attempts to kidnap a man who had fled with a substantial amount of drugs money, which he was meant to launder for a drugs gang. Our client had no involvement with the drugs gang but was employed to assist in recovering the debt as he had previously been employed as a bailiff.


A bodged attempt, deemed to be a criminal act of kidnap by the jury, was made to extract the debtor from a hotel in Oldham. Many other attempts to secure the fleeing debtor were made by others in the case.


Following a six week trial all but one of the defendants were convicted. We set about launching a compelling mitigation for our client which resulted in him receiving a suspended prison sentence, whilst the other defendants all received lengthy and immediate prison terms.


Paul Crampin of Carmelite Chambers was instructed in this case.

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Case represented by Ben Jones, Opus Law.

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