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NOT GUILTY Verdict in Large Alcohol Fraud Case

Ben Jones, Director, acted for P in a case before the Newcastle Crown Court known as Operation Orchid. In a matter brought by HMRC investigators and the CPS Specialist Fraud Division (Manchester) an allegation was made that our client, along with a number of co-accused, conspired with one another to evade excise duty on alcohol over a two year period. The offence involved the storage and sale of alcohol, upon which duty had not been paid, in two large warehouses. The value of the duty evaded was said to be in excess of £360,000.


Our client was advised to enter a not guilty plea and the matter was set down for trial. Over the course of a number of pre-trial hearings, applications were made for further disclosure of prosecution material and the prosecution were put to strict proof with regard to ensuring the fact of the duty evasion could be proved.


A few weeks before the trial was due to start the prosecution served notice that they were to discontinue proceedings following a full review of the evidence. The matter was then listed before the court and a not guilty verdict recorded for an extremely grateful client. 


Mr Glenn Gatland of Trinity Chambers was instructed in this case.


Case represented by Ben Jones, Opus Law.

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