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In the area of fraud this firm are excellent and are regarded as one of the market leaders. Their quality of preparation and attention to detail is one of the main factors for their continued success. Sound preparation and client skills are the benchmark of this firm.

John R Jones QC, Carmelite Chambers, London. 

Opus Law is the complete package for criminal fraud work. The lawyers are not only extremely hard working in pursuit of their clients’ interests but also tactically astute, bringing a wealth of experience gained over the years in some of the largest fraud trials in the country. Fraud cases demand early, thorough preparation and teamwork, something which Opus excels at by combining true expertise with a practical and modern approach.

Nicholas Johnson QC, Exchange Chambers, Leeds.  

Opus Law offers an excellent all round service to their criminal clients . It is always rewarding to work with their friendly and highly professional team.

Charles Bott QC, Carmelite Chambers, London.

I have been instructed by Opus Law as a defence criminal barrister for many years, principally instructed by Ben Jones and Mohammed Asif. That work has included a highly professional conspiracy to burgle commercial property, drug supply offences and a sophisticated conspiracy to carry out armed bank robberies. I have always found Opus Law to be an outstanding firm of solicitors to work for. Their preparation and professionalism was never short of excellent and they rightly pride themselves on providing a first class service.

Martin Taylor. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Ben Jones

Running a football Club has often weekly, daily and even hourly challenges. Ben Jones understands this demand on both our time and his own. From a late night call about a press release to an early morning start launching a new product, it has never been an issue for Ben or the staff at Opus Law. But I think the real key to our successful relationship is that Ben clearly understands our business and how we operate. His undoubted experience and flexibility in both expertise and our (unsociable) working hours mean he can cater for the sensitivities of dealing with both our fans and the outside world but also the day to day logistics of running a big business, it’s staff and clientele.

James Mason. Chief Operating Officer. Bradford City Football Club.

Ben Jones is an outstanding criminal practitioner of  considerable experience. Personable, astute and totally committed to the cause of his clients, he  is a pleasure to work with and a thoroughly nice man. He  spares no effort in working towards the right legal and tactical approach to every case he handles and achieves impressive results.  He offers all  clients a very high standard of care and representation.

Charles Bott QC. Carmelite Chambers, London.

In a hard legal environment where for many survival has become the key driver, Ben still cares passionately about getting the right result for his clients. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is paramount and second to none.

Richard Forth. Principal. Forths Forensic Accountants.

After a horrific incident I got put into contact with Ben Jones. I can wholeheartedly say that first and foremost he was there for me with immediate effect and really made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease. During this difficult time I had lots of questions that kept popping up and Ben was there the whole time fighting my corner. Nothing was ever too much  trouble for him. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him and I’m extremely grateful for all the work he carried out on my behalf. Thanks Ben and to all at Opus Law.

DH. Team GB wheelchair basketball player and Thuringia Bulls player.

Ben Jones is a dedicated professional who has vast experience in serious fraud, and complex and organised crime. His practice is mainly in clients who want the very best advice and service, which he consistently delivers. His attention to detail is matched only by his attention to his clients.

Grahame James. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Ben Jones is my first port of call when expert legal assistance is needed. He has demonstrably shown over the years his ability to decisively deal with all problems large or small. A real people’s person who puts you at ease immediately.

David Baldwin. Chief Executive. Burnley Football Club.

Ben Jones always caries a caseload of leading cases. He is expert at  every aspect of serious complicated heavy weight fraud. From early enquiry stage through to trial/confiscation. He  excels at every stage but a particular strong suit are his communication skills, forthright in negotiations empowered by a consummate legal knowledge allied to razor sharp negotiating prowess.

James Walker. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Ben Jones is a top-drawer professional and expert in serious fraud and serious, complex crime. He is passionate about every case that he undertakes and goes the extra -mile for each and every one of his clients. His advice and the service that he provides are first-class. He is extremely thorough, with an attention to detail and an eye for strategy that are second to none. He is a true expert in his field.

Sarah Barlow. Barrister. Exchange Chambers, Leeds. 

Ben Jones is an impressive operator. Any criminal client would be fortunate to be represented by him. In my opinion, there is no one better in his field. He is totally committed to the interests of the client and always displays a high level of determination and enthusiasm towards all he does. He is always full of integrity and is scrupulously honest in all his dealings. He is intelligent and identifies quickly the crucial issues in a case of any size. I would feel privileged to have him represent me.

Martin Taylor. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Sarah Batty

Sarah Batty is both experienced and skilled at dealing with the most serious and complex matters including multi handed drug conspiracies to high profile VAT frauds. Excellent with difficult and demanding clients.

James Walker. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Sarah Batty deals with serious and complex cases, she is extremely thorough, approachable and knowledgeable. Her clients rightly have complete confidence in her.

Sarah Barlow. Barrister. Exchange Chambers, Leeds.

Sarah Batty is a talented and highly effective practitioner with considerable experience of complex fraud cases. She is charming but tough and has an excellent feel for the important details of a case. Her preparation is meticulous in every way.

Charles Bott QC, Carmelite Chambers, London.

David Golden

David Golden is immensely experienced at all aspects of serious crime. Has a wonderful and charming style in font of any tribunal, and  a gift for instilling confidence in clients. Excellent for cases involving allegations of fraud against professionals.

James Walker. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

David Golden is a highly experienced and well respected solicitor and advocate who brings a very sure touch to his cases. He has very strong client skills and excellent judgment.

Charles Bott QC, Carmelite Chambers, London.

Mohammed Asif

Mohammed Asif is excellent in terms of preparation and particularly popular with clients. He applies a detailed forensic analysis and an unerring ability to think outside of the box when addressing problems and apply real common sense based logic. Has built up an enviable list of professional contacts such as Forensic Accountants and IT experts.

James Walker. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Mohammed Asif has an excellent eye for detail and his preparation is excellent. He is extremely personable, and has a deft touch with the most difficult and demanding clients

Sarah Barlow. Barrister. Exchange Chambers, Leeds.

Working with Mohammad Asif is rewarding. His input is comprehensive, appropriately detailed and seamless in delivery. Rapport with clients is spot-on whilst combining efficiency and appropriate management during often complex and challenging cases.

Leeds-based barrister.

I have worked closely with Mohammed Asif in a criminal case of considerable complexity involving armed bank robberies, thefts of high quality cars and burglaries to furnish the robberies. Mohammed Asif is exceptionally industrious and readily able to bring clarity and common sense to large cases. He shows exceptional qualities in dealing with clients, making them feel at ease at the same time as confronting the main issues in the case. He is extremely comfortable working with cases of extreme seriousness and all manner of evidence.

Martin Taylor. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Philip Priestley

Philip Priestley is experienced at all aspects of serious crime from financial to multi handed drug conspiracies. He is a tough and resilient operator, always thinking of the end game for the client.

James Walker. Barrister. Carmelite Chambers, London.

Philip Priestley has vast experience in handling complex and serious work. He invariably provides sound and clear advice whilst being extremely approachable and supportive of his clients, always with an eye to delivering the best possible results.

Sarah Barlow. Barrister. Exchange Chambers, Leeds.

I have been fortunate to work with many case workers over the years and I have no hesitation in saying that Phil Priestley is right up there with the best of them. His ability to combine meticulous case preparation with genuine client care ensures that, even in the most complex and testing of cases, the end result is likely to be the best possible.

Lawrence Selby. Barrister. 9 Bedford Row, London.

I have known Philip Priestley for fifteen years, both as a friend and as a colleague, having been instructed by him to defend in serious criminal cases. He has always been highly professional, well prepared, and, as is so important in this field, of the highest integrity.

Oliver Jarvis. Barrister. Exchange Chambers, Manchester.

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